Equipping those who serve

About Us

Paro Resources Group Mission Statement

“Equipping those who serve.” We aim to be the premier air transporter of first responders and supplier of specialized emergency services equipment.

Who We Are

Paro Resources Group’s origins began with the personal experiences of our employees on 9/11 and during hurricane Katrina. Several of our employees encountered a lack of transportation and supplies for emergency personnel after hurricane Katrina. These events inspired our founders to create a one of a kind company staffed by individuals with hundreds of years of collective experience in aviation, medicine, and security. We have spent over a decade researching and developing how to best provision the needs of the fire and emergency services communities.  Consequently, Paro Resources Group has created a safe and efficient aviation transport system to fly fire and emergency services personnel into areas they are desperately needed while supplying them before and during deployment.

Our staff members have served as first responders, pilots, firefighters, paramedics, police, military, and Military Special Forces medics.  Now, at Paro Resources Group, it is our honor to equip those who serve.

[Paro definition: Latin- verb- to prepare/plan/provide]